Valeria ZUNZUN
Voice Actress




 Animation and character voices:

  • Splash and Bubbles / Plouf et Bubulle Bubulle, Lu, other (French voices)
    (Animation series; 80 episodes) – The Jim Henson’s Company
  • French and Spanish with Jojo/Early lingo Jojo, Lulu (French and Spanish voices)
    (Character voices in App and Video Game) – Early Lingo
  • Think bilingual! / Learn by doing! Spanish and French Pet, Sister, Brother, Mom (Spanish and French voices)
    (Character voices in App and Video Game) – Interact and Immerse
  • Magical Dreamers Maricia (Spanish voice)
    (E-manga) – IAM/Ayumi Kino/OkraTron 5000
  • Smite Brazilian dancer (English voice)
    (Video game) – Hi-Rez Videos
  • Shushybye Dozie, Snore, Wanda Wink (French voices)
    (Character voices; animated puppets TV series, 26 episodes) – Steve Syatt/BabyFirstTV)
  • The Hive Momma Bee (French voice)
    (Animation series; various episodes) – Disney
  • Luna Luna (Spanish voice)
    (Animation series; 45 episodes) – UP Prod/Jorge Villadar
  • El control/Le contrôle/The control Maura (Spanish, French and English voice)
    (Animation/feature) –  Jorge Luis Mandy

Lip sync Dubbing: 

  • The Looming Tower Diane Marsh (Wrenn Schmidt) (French voice)
    (TV series; 9 episodes) – Legendary/Hulu
  • The Looming Tower Diane Marsh (Wrenn Schmidt) (Spanish LAS voice)
    (TV series; 9 episodes) – Legendary/Hulu
  • Hotel Artemis Nice (Sofia Boutella) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Drew Pearce
  • Pottersville Parker (Judy Greer) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Seth Henrikson
  • Pottersville Parker (Judy Greer) (Spanish LAS voice)
    (Movie) – Seth Henrikson
  • Cathedral of the sea Joanet’s Mother. Other (English voices)
    (TV series; several episodes) – Jordi Frades/Netflix
  • Please, stand by Audrey (Alice Eve), Rose (Marla Gibbs) (French voices)
    (Movie) – Ben Lewin
  • Chuck, the bleeder Linda (Naomi Watts) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Philippe Falardeau
  • Just getting started Suzie (Rene Russo) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Ron Shelton
  • Overboard Olivia (A. Alyn Lind), Sofia (M. Treviño) (French voices)
    (Movie) – Rob Greenberg
  • I’ll be home for Christmas Linda Parker (Laura Miyata) (French voice)
    (Movie) – James Brolin
  • Song to song Lykke (Lykke Li) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Terrence Malick
  • The Dressmaker Una Pleasance (Sacha Horler) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Jocelyn Moorhouse
  • Brooklyn Nancy (E. O’Higgins), Patty (E. Bett Rickards)  (French voices)
    (Movie) – John Crowley
  • A Sunday horse Elysse (Cassi Thomson)  (French voices)
    (Movie) – Vic Amstrong/Netflix
  • Synchronicity Abby (Brianne Davis)  (French voice)
    (Movie) – Jacob Gentry/Netflix
  • Love, Rosie Bethany (Suki Waterhouse) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Christian Ditter
  • Chef Inez (Sofia Vergara) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Jon Favreau
  • Boyhood Various and ADR (French voices)
    (Movie) – Richard Linklater
  • Pasión Prohibida Bianca (Mónica Spear) (French voice)
    (TV series; 107 episodes) – Telemundo NBC/France O
  • Words and Pictures Elspeth (Amy Brenneman) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Fred Scepisi
  • Corazón Valiente Violeta/Sol(Nicole Arci/Paloma Márquez) (French voices)
    (TV series; 206 episodes) – Telemundo NBC/France O
  • Day Zero Patricia (Elisabeth Moss) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Bryan Gunnar Cole
  • Kicking and screaming Amy (Perrey Reeves) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Noah Baumbach/Netflix
  • Rob the Mob Rosie (Nina Arianda) (French voice)
    (Movie) – Raymond De Felitta
  • Gavilanes Norma Elizondo Cortés (Claudia Bassols); Lydia Reyes (Miriam Giovanelli) (French voice)
    (TV series; 26 episodes) – Antena3/Telemundo NBC
  • The Best Offer Various and ADR (French voices)
    (Movie) – Giuseppe Tornatore
  • La Casa de al lado Ignacia Conde (Catherine Siachoque) (French voice)
    (TV series; 165 episodes) – Telemundo NBC/France O
  • El Capo Season 1 Juliana León Marín AKA Julieta Hartman (Natalia Jerez) (French voice)
    (TV series; 90 episodes) – Fox Telecolombia/France O
  • El Cuerpo del Deseo Cantalicia Muñeton (Rosalinda Rodríguez) (French voice)
    (TV series; 155 episodes) – Telemundo NBC/France O
  • Primera Dama Renata Cruz (Emilia Noguera)  (French voice)
    (TV series; 127 episodes) – Canal 13Chile/France O
  • La Reina del Sur Verónica Cortés (Sara Maldonado)  (French voice)
    (TV series; 63 episodes) – Telemundo NBC/France O
  • Dónde está Elisa Dana Altamira Riggs (Sonya Smith)  (French voice)
    (TV series; 100 episodes) – Telemundo NBC/France O
  • The Real L Word Romi (Spanish LAS voice)
    (TV reality series; several episodes) – Showtime
  • Pobre Diabla María Angélica “Pelusa” Olivares / Paulina (Carla Carrillo)  (French voice)
    (TV series; 195 episodes) – TV Azteca/France O
  • Por ti Helena Cortez (Tamara Monserrat)  (French voice)
    (TV series; 130 episodes) – TV Azteca/France O
  • Cuando seas mía Bárbara Castrejón (Anette Michel)  (French voice)
    (TV series; 238 episodes) – TV Azteca/France O
  • La Hija del Jardinero Xotchil Infante (Cinthia Vázquez) (French voice)
    (TV series; 180 episodes) – TV Azteca/France O

VO Dubbing (“UN Style”): 

  • Shirkers Sandi Tan (French voice)
    (Feature Documentary) – Sandi Tan/Netflix
  • Zumbo’s Just Desserts Rachel Khoo (French voice)
    (Game show; 12 episodes) – Netflix
  • Zumbo’s Just Desserts Gigi Falanga  (Spanish LAS voice)
    (Game show; 12 episodes) – Netflix
  • Mercury 13 Eileen Collins (French voice)
    (Feature documentary) – D. Sington/H.Walsh/Netflix
  • The Big Family Cooking Showdown Zoe Ball (French voice)
    (Game show, Season 1; 12 episodes) – Netflix
  • The Big Family Cooking Showdown Zoe Ball (Spanish LAS voice)
    (Game show, Season 1; 12 episodes) – Netflix
  • The story of Diana Diana (French voice)
    (Feature documentary) – ABC/Netflix
  • The story of Diana Diana (Spanish LAS voice)
    (Feature documentary) – ABC/Netflix
  • The Royal House of Windsor Gristwood, Queen, Diana  (French voices)
    (Docu-series; 6 episodes) – Channel 4/Netflix
  • The Royal House of Windsor Gristwood, Queen, Diana  (Spanish LAS voices)
    (Docu-series; 6 episodes) – Channel 4/Netflix

VO (Commercials and Other -examples): 

  • E! News One of the main voices of E! News France; 2015-2016 (French)
    (VO) – E!/NBCUniversal
  • Fox Gol Mexico (English / Spanish)
    (SAP) – FOX
  • Regalis (French)
    Commercial (VO), France
  • Yoga Now, GAIAM Chrissy Carter and Narration (French / Spanish)
    (VO) – GAIAM
  • Fitness GAIAM Patricia Moreno and Narration (French / Spanish)
    (VO) – GAIAM
  • Publix (Spanish LAS)
    Radio commercial (VO), US
  • Christmas radio promos (French)
    Radio commercial (VO), France
  • Guided Meditation (French / Spanish)
    (App and videos)
  • Children audio books series (French / Spanish)
    (VO / Audio books)
  • Numerous Corporate, Elearning. Promos  (French / Spanish)
  • ADR/Looping  (French / Spanish)




Lip sync dubbing: